Celebrate your own abilities with this Dynamic Duo! Available for a short time, while stocks last...A special offer combining the successful 'Astrology Secrets of the Moon' and the 2021 Astrology Diary.

In 'Astrology Secrets of the Moon' you'll discover how to make the most of your own talents and gain strength and purpose in life. The astrological lunar North Node is explained in straight-forward and inspiring terms, providing insight into your purpose. As a result you will gain a sense of direction and accomplishment.

The 2021 Astrology Diary provides you with daily guidance by the stars in a handy weekly planner. Keep up to date with new and full moons, lunar phases, Mercury retrogrades, and eclipses and supermoons, while using this planner to schedule important dates, meetings and travel in the year ahead. 

The Dynamic Duo!


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