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I'm looking forward to speaking at September's Mind Body Spirit Festival!

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The Transformative Power of Prediction


Seminar room, September 10, 2022, 2pm.

I'll look forward to speaking again this year at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Brisbane on September 10. Drawing on my 25 years of experience providing predictions through horoscopes, psychic readings and astrology consultations, I'll be sharing with you the benefits and the power of prediction.

The notion 'forewarned is forearmed' is a useful one when we look at the ways we can work constructively to live our lives to their fullest potential - without losing the spark of spontaneity and joy in the process! Looking forward to seeing you there. x

A fab New Year's radio interview with David Prior on ABC Radio Overnights

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Find out more about my new book Sun Sign Secrets and my predictions for 2022 in general and according to your own sun sign

Psychic development workshops and tutoring courses


"I'm looking forward to helping you get in touch with your own intuition and psychic abilities - these qualities are your inner guidance system and will never let you down. More recently I've been tutoring one-to-one, so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to learn techniques and discover your own inner psychic and clairvoyant. I can organise sessions with you that suit your timetable and abilities - from beginner to advanced, to thinking about becoming a professional!"  Patsy x

Feedback from previous courses:

"Patsy is wonderful. I really like the way she communicates; she is clear and inspiring.Sally, Byron Bay.

"We had a nice small group, therefore the teacher-pupil ratio was good; Patsy answered all questions in detail and gave good examples. She is very approachable and is a very knowledgeable teacher.Valentina, Byron Bay.

"I feel blessed I had the opportunity to do your workshops Patsy. I've been using the skills learnt...I look forward to seeing how they develop further. I highly recommend your workshops! With lots of love,Tracey, February 2017 

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"Many thanks to everyone who came to my seminar: 'Your best life by the Sun, Moon and Stars', where I shared insight from my 2020 Astrology Diary and ‘Your horoscope for 2020’ series into how to live your best life by the sun, moon and stars this year.

"I talked about the hotspots in 2020, such as the best times to make optimum change in your life and when to slow things down; when to expect busy times; and when to plan holidays and fun events. I explained new moons, full moons, eclipses, supermoons and sun sign energies, helping those who attended to navigate all the better through their year, and leading to a sense of connection and fulfilment."

When: Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 1pm.

Where: Mind, Body Spirit Festival at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

It seems such a long time ago. I'm so glad we were able to connect, given social distancing that occurred not long afterwards. 

Mentorships and workshops

Patsy runs mentorship programs and astrology workshops from her base in Byron Bay and at venues to suit your requirements. 
For details and bookings, phone 0448808333 or email Patsy at:

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