Reach for the Stars astrology workshop, Surfer's Paradise, November 23rd 2019

To celebrate the release of Patsy Bennett’s 12-book sun sign series ‘Your horoscope for 2020’, Patsy will host this unique astrology workshop at the Chameleon New Age Salon ​Reach For The Stars: Your Unique Power and Potential in 2020
You will learn how to make 2020 your best year yet by demystifying your astrology chart; uncovering your true potential, and discovering the key to making predictions about your future.

Astrology depicts the effects of the sun, moon and planets on our world. It is an ancient study that goes back in recorded history up to 22000 years BC. Join astrologer Patsy Bennett to discover your own star chart; find out how to develop your unique potential in easy steps and discover how to make predictions based on the position of the sun and moon alone in 2020.

In this workshop you will learn, in simple and easy-to-use steps:

- how to read your own astrology chart- the sun, moon and planets’ astrological significance- Mercury and Venus retrogrades in 2020

- the keys in your astrology chart that unlock your full potential

- how to make predictions based on the information you learn in the above four steps, and using the movements of the sun and moon alone.


This workshop will suit beginners and intermediates alike, as Patsy will share the step-by-step process she uses herself to read astrology charts and make predictions. Beginning with the fundamentals, this workshop will build on your knowledge: astrology is a multi-level discipline with clear reference to spiritual and esoteric knowledge.


To celebrate the release of her new 12-book series ‘Your horoscope for 2020’, Patsy will be giving one lucky participant a free copy of their sun sign prediction book for 2020 at the workshop; and another lucky participant will receive a free copy of the 2020 Astrology Diary.To bring: notebook and pen. A screen shot or hard copy of your astrology chart.

NB: you can calculate this for free on Patsy’s website:

The workshop will include a reading list for future reference and worksheets.

When: Saturday, November 23rd, 1pm to 5pm.

Where: Chameleon New Age Salon, Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland.

Investment: $150

Tickets: Eventbrite

Feedback from previous courses:

"Patsy is wonderful. I really like the way she communicates; she is clear and inspiring.Sally, Byron Bay.

"We had a nice small group, therefore the teacher-pupil ratio was good; Patsy answered all questions in detail and gave good examples. She is very approachable and is a very knowledgeable teacher.Valentina, Byron Bay.

"I feel blessed I had the opportunity to do your workshops Patsy. I've been using the skills learnt...I look forward to seeing how they develop further. I highly recommend your workshops! With lots of love,Tracey, February 2017 

Thank you to everyone who attended my talk at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in March. The talk was live-streamed on Facebook. You'll see a copy of this on my March 9 post on my Facebook page; link here.

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I'm looking forward to helping you get in touch with your own intuition and psychic abilities - these qualities are your inner guidance system. Details to come soon.  Patsy x

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Patsy also runs mentorship programs and astrology workshops from her base in Byron Bay and at venues to suit your requirements. 
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