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To purchase a consultation with Patsy, please see your options below.
Patsy's books are available at book shops globally and here.
* For payment by credit card, please follow the prompts for payment by Pay Pal until the credit card option comes up on your screen.
Prices are all inclusive of gst. Thank you.


DISCLAIMER: Patsy Bennett makes no claims, promises or guarantees through providing clarity and insight through her psychic, clairvoyant, tarot, astrological and mediumship readings. Her consultations are intended to offer insight only. As such, her consultations do not in any way replace any medical, legal, financial or professional advice and research. All information given in the many modalities in which Patsy Bennett works (astrological, psychic, tarot, palm reading and mediumship) are for guidance and entertainment purposes only and Patsy Bennett does not accept any liability. By booking an appointment, consultation or reading, you accept and understand the above.

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