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Discover five ways to peace of mind by your star sign here! Meanwhile, many thanks Today Extra for having me on your show talking about sun signs recently, Patsy

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For sale soon worldwide: the 2022 Astrology Diary. You can pre-order your copy here or buy your diary from book shops and online stores. 

Plan significant events for 2022 with unique astrological insight and interpretations of planetary phenomena ...This diary is available both for the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. 

Patsy's first book: 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon':

Astrologer Melanie Reinhart on 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon': 
"A clear and engaging book, full of useful material. I loved the 'tips for parents', too. "

Another response to 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon':

"I recently discovered your book, 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon', and love the way that you weave the south and north node information with a supportive, motivational approach."

Many thanks, Beth. November 2018

More feedback:

"I have just had a very late night reading your new book Astrology: Secrets of the Moon. Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing the information. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it all.

I found it very interesting reading and it is written in easy-to-understand terms for anyone who wants to learn how to access their full potential and gifts in life.

As an astrologer myself and continuing student of astrology, I found it will be very valuable as a reference guide to use for future chart delineations. I have found there are very few books out there on the Nodes and the ones I have started to read were difficult to follow, so my knowledge of the Moon's nodes has been very limited.

This book is a true gift to the reader to give confirmation and clarity for fulfilling our hidden potential. I have recently questioned myself a lot about the direction I’ve been heading in and the book has confirmed that I am indeed on the right track.

I will be happy to recommend to friends and family and anyone looking to fulfil their hidden potential and understand themselves a little better." Many thanks, Karen 

'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon' by Patsy Bennett is also available in paperback here and ebook format online from (please click the star):


You know your 'Sun sign'....find out your Moon's North Node sign here


Find out more about 'Astrology: Secrets of the Moon' in Patsy's interview at Foxtel's The Couch

Your stars for 2016 at Studio 10

Patsy Bennett discusses careers on Mornings

Find out more about the unprecedented circumstances of 2020-2022 in Patsy's You Tube video. This was recorded early in 2020, and provides background astrological information about the times we are currently living in.

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